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Portal-Web Sites
Innovation Transfer Synergia, for the Distance and Lifelong Training of the Deaf People via ICT Based Strategies, in e-Business and New Economy
Date: 27/10/2009
YAS - (Project: Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works/YAS)
The Laboratory is the technical adviser for the Re-instatement of Earthquake victims (Y.A.S.) Service. In the frame of this collaboration the central portal of this service has been developed at the following address:
Technologies: ASP-MS SQL Server
Date: 20/6/2004
Dedalos - (Project: DEDALOS (Leonardo Da Vinci))
Teaching English as a second language to Deaf people, whose first language is the Sign Language, via e-learning tools.
Technologies: html
Date: 10/6/2004
Delfe - (Project: DELFE (Leonardo Da Vinci))
Distance and Life Long Training of the Deaf people in the E-commerce and New Technologies Sector via e-learning Tools.
Technologies: html
Date: 10/5/2004
E-learning Application - (Project: O.P. "Education")
Development of a network gate and an e-learning application, which helps the training of teachers, with Special Education issues (Individuals with Multiple Disabilities). In the network gate there are news and facts, which inform the internet user about the progress of the seminars. The application allows the insertion of courses (educational material), by professors as well as insertion of complementary material (accompanying tools), for example, exercises, multiple choice questions etc. Finally, at the students disposal there is also a forum for the resolution of subjects and problems in the Special Education. The network gate's address is
Technologies: ASP-Ms Access
Date: 10/5/2004
NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
The Laboratory is responsible for the designing and the realization of N.C.S.R.'s central portal. The first phase of the realization was delivered to the address
Technologies: ASP-Ms Access
Date: 10/3/2004
SME's Training Plan - (Project: SME's (Leonardo Da Vinci))
A portal which informs the citizens about the development of the "Education of Small to medium-sized Enterprises in New Technologies" project, in the frame of the European Program "Leonardo Da Vinci". The address of the portal is
Technologies: html
Date: 10/2/2004
SOLWIN - (Project: SOLWIN (Leonardo Da Vinci))
Presentation of the work "Vocational Training in the Electrical Systems Technologies for Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Applications Using Advanced Internet Services". The address is :
Technologies: html
Date: 10/3/2003
Youth Centers - (Project: YOUTH)
A communicative portal, which supports the communication between the General Secretariat of Youth, and the Youth Informing Centers. A vast number of supporting tools help the development of this communication. The Forum, chat, news, calendar, personal mailbox etc. are a part of the tools, which the administrator has at his disposal. The address of this network gate is:
Technologies: ASP-Ms Access
Date: 10/3/2003
Α.Μ.Ε.Α - (Project: A.M.E.A.(O.P. "Education"))
Informative and educational system, for disabled people. The first portal in Greece for individuals with sight problems. The portal's address is:
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/1/2003
Literature - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
A node where one can find indicatively certain contemporary texts as well as texts from such Ancient Greek writers as Aristotle and Plato. The address is:
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/6/2002
N.A.O.S. - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
The first cultural portal which was manufactured and started operation in Greece since 1992. The portal's address is
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/5/2002
Museums & Galleries of Greece and Cyprus - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
A cultural portal which contains Greek and Cypriot museums and galleries. Lots of photographic material and text related to the museums. The portal's address is:
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/3/2002
GR NEWS - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
The first Mass media portal, which operated in Greece, with the laboratory's initiative. The portal operates (since 1992) at the address
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/1/2002
O.D.I.SS.E.A.S. - (Project: ODISSEAS (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
Presentation of the "Development of Tele-conference, Tele-work Network Centers and Development of an Intelligent System and Tele-education Environment" project as well as what is ready for delivery. The portal's address is:
Technologies: html
Date: 10/6/2001
N.C.S.R. Demokritos - (Project: LABORATORY (Framework Program For Research & Technology II))
N.C.S.R.'s "DEMOKRITOS" web page. The page contains information about the centre, a telephone catalogue and a discussion forum. The web page's address is
Technologies: html, Flash
Date: 10/5/2001
ELECTRON - (Project: ELECTRON (Leonardo Da Vinci))
Distance training of technical electricians, using ODL and Internet technologies ", (Best Practice Awards EU). The web site's address is:
Technologies: html
Date: 10/3/2001
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