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The basic objective of this project is the promotion of the Sign Language for the hearing people and the hearing impaired people who don't know Sign Language.

The Goals of the project are:

The installation of a central portal and e-learning environment that will act as an information pool-distributor for the Greek, English and Finnish Sign Languages as well as the production of a CD/DVD-ROM dictionary that will present the Sign Languages of the participating Countries.
Working Packages
Working Package 1 (WP1)
Requirements research, of the Sign Language portal & e-learning environment - Definition of the subsystems' specifications
Working Package 2 (WP2)
Design-Implementation of the Sign Language portal & e-learning environment, CD/DVD ROM.
Working Package 3 (WP3)
Design and Development of Network Informative Actions in the Sign Language sector (Human Network).
Working Package 4 (WP4)
Implementation of Pilot application of the Sign Language portal and e-learning environment.
Working Package 5 (WP5)
Project Management.
Working Package 6 (WP6)
Results and Dissemination Plan.
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