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Secretary Apostolou Ketty
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Main-Research and Educational Activitie
Τετάρτη, 24 Ιουλίου 2024

Research and Educational Activities
The emphasis of the research work that is taking place in the Net Media Lab is given to what is called e-services (e-learning, e-government, e-culture, e-health, e-commerce, e-procurement, e-testing etc).

In addition, lots of activity takes place in the multimedia area (portals, cd-ROMs), in teleconference (voice and videoconference), in intelligent systems and neural networks, in both quantum cryptography and cryptography based on the dynamic systems and timeseries theory and in both terrestrial and satellite network technologies etc.

In other words, the research activity of the Net Media Lab focuses on what we call low level technologies (lower level protocols) as well as what we call upper level services.

In all the above areas, projects that have been financed by European and national resources over the last four years exist, as well as research work that has been published in international magazines and conventions with critics present.
Educational activity in the framework of a Operational Program of Education and Initial Professional Training related project, for kinder garden teachers, schoolteachers and Professors. With the ICT supporting disabled people and e-learning, as well as psychology, didactics and support issues etc.

Educational activity in the framework of TEE seminars

Educational activity in the framework of N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS" regarding issues of Computer Networks and Electronic Services (e-services) usage and materialization. Design and materializations of many European and national e-learning projects, for various final recipients' communities such as disabled people, Technicians, Scientists, Teachers etc.

Educational activity in the framework of numerous Meetings-Seminars that took place in Greece as well as abroad. The complete list is included in the unit PARTICIPATIONS IN WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND CONVENTIONS. With the new ICT and e-services technologies as the subject.

Educational activity in the framework of the Net Media Lab's seminars, as a centre of continuous education (CCE) for the training of teachers on ICT issues.

Students education through practical training, final year and postgraduate projects at the ARIADNE Network's Management Centre and at the Net Media Lab. (Names of students: Evina Makri, Maria Makri, Antonis Pardalakis, Lazaros Theodorou, Panagiotopoulou Konstantina, Mitropoulou Niki, Karamani Irini, Panagiotakis Spiros, Kleopatra Koletsi, Sevi Drakonaki, Eleni Klaoudatou, Vourdahas Giorgos, Kourkoulas Giorgos, Antonis Foteinos, Kostas Mpilalis, Koukos Thoukididis, Ermina Xatzipavli, Gerasimos Strimmenos, Kalampaka Lamprini, Voursoukis Manolis, Polonifis Kostas, Ilias Gioldasis, Kosmidis Kosmas, Siragakis Aleksis, Dimitris Kouremenos, Dimitris Vlahavas, Sifalakis Manolis, Stelios Kouremenos, Spiros Domoksoudis, Leyteris Koukianakis, Giannis Loukidis, Dimos Apostolou, Yannis Papagerasimou, Yannis Glentzes etc.).

Participation in the N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS" summer school, July 1995, July 1996, July 1997, July 1998, July 1999.

Participation in an Informatics Technology seminar for unemployed library scientists, organized by Panteios University.
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