Education and Culture


Sign Language foundation Center (S.L.F.C.)

Sign Language foundation Center (S.L.F.C.) was started in 1994 by the country council and the Deaf Association in Orebro. We are specialist in teaching Sign Language Developing and Producing material Translating into Sign Language. The Sign Language Foundation employ about 27 employment who the most people are Deaf. Lena Wiklander, who will take part in this project is a former English Teacher and Headmaster from the national upper secondary school for the Deaf. And now she us educational coordinator at the sign language foundation center.

Helena Sikh

Interpreter trainer/staff coordinator.

Headmaster of the Sign language Interpreter Training program at Φrebro Folkhighschool since 1996. Involved in further education of interpreters, evaluation of interpreters, translation studies for teachers of the deaf etc.

Interpreter since 1983.

Johan Zimmermann

Interpreter trainer/interpreter since 2000

Has hold courses in sign language 1996-97


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